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Around midday Tuesday, social media began to light up with customers of Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra, complaining their landlines, mobile and Internet services were down across Australia.

Telstra’s service status page remains a tragic row of red, as 2G, 3G and 4G mobile, as well as ADSL lines, among other services, are currently interrupted nationwide

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The outage was not complete, as some customers were able to access mobile data and voice services in certain areas. A Telstra spokesperson told Mashable Australia customers should still be able to contact emergency services despite the outage. Read more…

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It wouldn’t be a day on the campaign trail in 2016 if we didn’t have Donald Trump saying something shocking?

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The example tonight, in Manchester, New Hampshire on the eve of that state’s primary, came courtesy of one of Trump’s supporters. During a portion of his oration, Trump was lamenting Ted Cruz’s statement on waterboarding during Saturday’s debate when a fan close to Trump shouted something in regards to Cruz and Trump stopped to ask her to yell it again.

While at the same time egging her on, Trump also admonished her – playfully, it seems – before deciding to directly quote her statement for the whole crowd: “She said, ‘He’s a pussy.'” Read more…

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It’s time to talk about the missing, part-alien son in the room. What do we know about William, anyhow?

That’s Mulder and Scully’s son, who’s been referenced throughout the new miniseries but is increasingly gathering narrative momentum. It seems likely that the boy will come into play during the final two episodes — hopefully concretely, given how much we’ve heard about him, but maybe just emotionally — but we’re still left with nothing but breadcrumbs as to why.

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We learned that William is definitely Scully and Mulder’s son at the end of season 9 (13 years ago). Scully had given him up for adoption after the boy began displaying certain alien tendencies (and we’ve recently confirmed that both Scully and the child have alien DNA) Read more…

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Marshawn Lynch is no longer about that action, boss, but he’ll forever remain one of a kind.

Even in announcing his retirement from the NFL at the tender pro footballing age of 29, the Seattle Seahawks running back showed the unique appeal that made him one of the most interesting and popular players in the league over the past few seasons

Lynch made his news as only Lynch could — with a single emoji and a cryptic photo posted to Twitter in the middle of Super Bowl 50

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Lynch’s Seahawks were eliminated earlier in the playoffs, but that didn’t stop him from casually implying that he planned to retire while the Denver Broncos were grinding out a boring Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday night. Here’s Lynch’s post, which was retweeted more than 190,000 times in just 18 hours Read more…

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Comedian Kevin Hart is chilling with his mate Ice Cube in Australia, but he ain’t chill about the local lizards and snakes.

Hart appeared alongside the legendary rapper on Australian breakfast show Today Tuesday morning, where the duo came face-to-face with a blue-tongue lizard and a black-headed python

The reptile meet-and-greet quickly turned into Hart having a total meltdown.

“Cube, don’t touch that with that jacket on,” Hart screamed at Ice Cube, who was wearing a snakeskin jacket at the time. “You’ve got his cousin on your back, this ain’t going to go good, man.”

While Ice Cube was happy to give the python a friendly pat and hold it briefly, Hart stayed back a few feet, with head in his hands, losing his mind. “I didn’t work this hard to make it here, to die today … I ain’t touching that thing,” he yelled. “Cube you about to blow this movie, Cube about to die.” Read more…

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We may never know exactly what Twitter planned to do with its timelines before #RIPTwitter became the most popular hashtag on the beleaguered service, but we do know this: The much talked about experiment is done — at least for two users.

Robin Bonny, a 17-year-old high school student in Switzerland, who first revealed his timeline tester status to The Verge said that as soon as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey started publicly addressing an algorithm-based Twitter timeline possibly replacing the current reverse-chronological view, he stopped getting the new timelines.

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Spot the difference

An Australian mum is furious after finding shorts for her baby girl are skimpier than the male options

Nikita Friedman from Queensland posted a photo on Facebook comparing shorts for boys and girls in a size one at Australian department store chain Big W on Saturday. She was shopping for her one-year-old daughter and claimed she struggled to find a pair to cover her daughter’s nappy

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“Why on Earth does my one-year-old need to have shorts so short that her nappy is hanging out?” Friedman wrote, pointing out the discrepancy in size between the two pairs of shorts Read more…

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You’ve managed to ignore every pink, heart-shaped store window for the past month, but look what good that did you. It’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve got nothing

Not to worry. The rule of thumb to any good gift, especially last-minute ones: Keep it personal

Are they a love letter person, or would they find an oversized stuffed bear funny? Would a card suffice, or do they like more sentimental, personal gifts?

Regardless how much time you spend planning the gift, the most important part is the intent.

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We made a list of some easy, last-minute gift ideas Read more…

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Move over pizza, take a seat bacon, it’s 2016, and the burrito is king.

It’s been a hard month for Chipotle, one of the nation’s leading burrito purveyors. To rebuild their brand, the franchise decided to offer customers a complimentary burrito, ending at 8 pm tonight. All people needed to do was text 888-222, NOT 888-2222 — which led to random man, Hank Levine, according to Tech Insider.

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But customers kept making the mistake, and throughout the day, poor Hank Levine was inundated with text messages, all from demanding customers. Levine is a lawyer who has absolutely no connection to the franchise. Still, that didn’t stop customers from continuously, accidentally pressing “2” four times — and refusing to believe Levine when he told them they had the wrong number. Read more…

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As the federal government is still recovering from the massive 2015 data breach of the Office of Personnel Management, a hacker has reportedly accessed and leaked information on nearly 30,000 employees from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the latest breach.

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In a story originally reported Sunday night by Vice’s Motherboard, an anonymous hacker told the publication he planned to leak information on 20,000 FBI employees and 9,000 DHS employees. The hacker also claimed to have downloaded massive amounts of data from a Department of Justice computer. Read more…

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